Advisor. Partner. Winner.

ISA delivers integrated protection, development and management of your investments in Southeast Europe and Central Asia

Your Objectives

Insight and strategies to help realize your unique investment goals

Our Process

Combining local knowledge with global opportunities for a broader spectrum of possibilities

Practice Areas

Investment execution, targeted advice and introductions, and specialized services that are relevant to you

Our Services in a Nutshell

A dedicated team of professionals create tailored strategies and execute complex investment structuring and protection mandates

During the life of non-ISA managed projects, we coordinate amendments that may be required or that you deem necessary

We provide a full-scope investment mandate identification, analysis and planning

We look after all aspects of the implementation and management

We help you with the project authorization process and liaise with relevant supervisory authorities

Our Core Values



We consider the client in all that we do and focus on building relationships. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and uphold the values and principles under which our clients operate.


We invest in developing and nurturing trusting long-term relationships, which our clients value and acknowledge by recommending us to their peers.


We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most to our clients and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in all we do. We meticulously observe self-imposed rules of conduct that allow strategy and objectives to be adhered to once set.


We strive to deliver what we promise and acknowledge complete responsibility for any actions, products, decisions, and services we provide. We are absolutely committed and reliable.


We are committed to setting and advancing new industry standards in investor representation and protection for the benefit of our clients, both in outreach as well as in process and technology. We strive to deliver customized and innovative options for each client.

Service & Quality Management

We understand the concerns and needs of our clients and the fiduciary duties they are bound by. We take care of our clients in the most meticulous and dedicated manner, and go the extra mile to provide service with the utmost quality and reliability.


We think and act outside the box to identify new opportunities for expansion and optimization, including new jurisdictions, creative funding solutions, and forward-thinking strategies, creating competitive advantage for our clients.

Your Vision - Our Insights and Execution

Our clients are building businesses, expanding reach, pursuing passions. Part of their success is knowing the importance of having the right expertise in place when they need it.

As your partner in securing and managing investments aligned with your vision, we continually identify opportunities, master risks and steer growth. We are able to implement these insights across industries and workflows. You can work with us on a discretionary or self-directed basis, or both.

How we work with you

Advice on operational, legal and regulatory aspects as well as dynamic mandate migration and restructuring

Monitoring of delegated activities: management, reporting and central administration

Risk management services using systems and tools tailor-made to your compliance demands and investment policy

Corporate and regulatory governance: liasing with the relevant decision-making bodies, supervisors and regulators

Access to infrastructure, human and technical resources

Practice Areas

Asset Management Direct Investment Treasury and Capital Transfer
International Trade Global Value Chain Protection and Optimization
Legal and Compliance Multilateral Investment Protection
Corporate and Governance Planning and Optimization Policy Alignment
Analysis and Strategy Research Reporting
Relations Management
National and International Funding Securitization
Technology Information Management and Protection Physical and Process Security
Risk Management

Connect with us

We are here to understand your needs and put our personalized services to work for you